Sally Clapper is certified as both an Inbound and HubSpot Marketing Specialist. Beyond building beautiful, well-designed websites for her clients, she is an expert in creating integrated inbound marking strategies using methods proven to be the most effective at attracting leads, converting them into customers and keeping them as engaged fans.

What Exactly is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing focuses on creating educational, valuable and/or entertaining content that pulls people toward your website where they can learn more about what you sell of their own accord.  Inbound strategies lead to:

  • Building trust among your customers and referral sources, not skepticism or disdain
  • Being loved by your customers and prospects versus ignored
  • Outsmarting without having to outspend your competitors
  • Increasing website traffic and leads
  • Converting website visitors to sales leads and nurturing those leads into becoming customers

The Four Phases of Inbound Methodology





By publishing great content your customers value, you have the best opportunity at attracting prospects, converting them into leads, closing the sale, and delighting them after the sale so they become promoters of your products/services. Understanding the different stages of the buyer’s journey and who your ideal customer is, different marketing tactics are used within an integrated plan.


Web Design

Whether a new website or a re-design, we help you from start to finish in creating a captivating, easy-to-navigate and responsive website that gives your business a competitive edge and establishes credibility for your brand. Starting with wireframes that include all layout, messaging and design elements, we work with either our in-house web developer or yours to build and launch within very short turn-around times.


Content Marketing

From blog posts and website messaging to whitepapers, free downloads, email campaigns and press releases, Clapper Consulting generates customized, relevant content, both written and visual, to captivate, inform, engage and delight your target audience.


Social Media Marketing & Trainings

The social media marketing landscape can be quite complex and confusing. We help identify the best channels for you to use and then to create the best approach of connecting your business with potential and existing customers. We specialize in offering customized social media trainings to companies so all levels of the organization, from CEOs to marketing managers to staff, can directly engage your brand with your target audiences.


Consulting, Planning & Implementation

We conduct in-depth discovery and extensive competitive research to create responsive and highly targeted strategic inbound marketing solutions that attract your ideal buyers and give you the best chance of getting them to know, like and trust your business.

Don’t wait months for a website or to get your marketing strategy in place.