Sally Clapper

Writer | Marketer | Photographer

Sally Clapper is beyond a single definition, a unique creature with a firm handshake and straight look in the eye who can just as easily deliver traditional, conventional copy as out-of-the-box, forward thinking creations that ride the modern edge.


Sally brings years of experience writing impeccable, custom and search-engine-optimized content, building attractive websites and implementing social media marketing strategies to develop powerful online identities. She holds certifications as a specialist in Digital, Email, Facebook and HubSpot Marketing, respectively. Sally is also known to capture stunning images, shooting with the Canon Mark III, to create great visual collateral for her clients.

Over the past two decades, Sally has had the opportunity to collaborate with the best in the field of digital marketing, website design and hard copy publishing. Her team of industry professionals have been carefully chosen and are unrivaled in expertise and efficiency.

& a little peek behind the curtain…

Meet Kali, My Favorite Office Mate

Part Golden Retriever, part German Shepherd, 12-year-old Kali spends more time socializing than working! From the start of the company, she has been an invaluable part of our team and helped to temper our otherwise workaholic ways, forcing us to get out the office so she can visit the nearby beaches and parks. She is always happy and accepts all treats!

…and My Wonderful Loving Family

George Bernard Shaw once said that “A happy family is but an earlier heaven” and I am grateful to say I have living proof this is true. My family is not an important thing in my life. It is my everything. I am deeply dedicated to those in this picture as well as my parents, sisters and all of theirs. I bring this same kind of dedication and care when working with each of my clients, many who have come to be considered as part of my extended family!