A Rare Find: An Engaging, Successful Law Firm Facebook Page

I rarely recommend Facebook as a front line social media strategy for law firms since evidence shows there are much more effective platforms, such as Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter, for making connections, building trust and establishing credibility. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Advokids is one of them. Read on to see how they were able to gain support for their cause with Facebook.

Engaging Law Firm Facebook PostAdvokids is a legal non-profit dedicated to making sure the 55,000+ children in foster care in California are protected and have a voice. A little known fact is that I was in foster care for almost two years, and let me tell you, my sisters and I were not well cared for nor did we have a single person raising their voice on our behalf. So when I learned of Advokids, I immediately wanted to help. I met with Margaret Coyne and her crew of dedicated volunteers and staff to review their website and social media presence.

During our meeting, they mentioned that they had been selected the charity of choice for an upcoming, very popular music event in San Francisco, OysterFest, being held just a few weeks away on May 10. This event headlines four very popular bands as well as offers delicious local oysters and beer. Crowds from previous years totaled over 250,000! Immediately, my mind began to shoot off in a hundred directions as I thought about the many ways they could use this opportunity to further awareness and gain support for their cause.

At the end of our brainstorming sessions, we had a strategy:

  • Create a Facebook Giveaway where one lucky fan would win 2 back stage passes and free admission tickets to the event.
  • Tweet about the Giveaway on their Twitter page.
  • Send out a customized, branded email to let everyone on their contact list know they were the selected charity and that tickets were purchased through Advokids special link, 20% of every ticket price would be donated. At $39/ticket, that $7.80 can add up fast!
  • Contact the band managers and ask them to post Advokids Giveaway and their special link on their Facebook Fan pages (each band has hundreds of thousands of fans.)
  • Create a customized, branded banner for the event booth as well as back stage and make branded T-shirts.
  • Create a second Giveaway for the day of the event that would encourage event goers to sign up and donate for a chance to win something of value.
  • Create a customized sign up page for the day of the event and use Square for those who wanted to donate on the spot via credit card.


The event took place last weekend, and all was in place. While the donation and sign up numbers are still being tallied, initial estimates look close to desired target outcome. To date, their Facebook fans have increased by over 200%, from 542 to close to 2000, and they were able to increase their email contact list from event submissions.

What’s also noteworthy about Advokid’s Facebook page is that they actually get engagement with their posts – this is rare for most law firm Facebook pages, which may have “Likes” but no real interaction.

As a former foster child and strong supporter, I was happy to help Advokids strategize ways to get the most out of being named the event’s charity of choice. To find out more about Advokids and to support their cause of helping protect and providing a voice for foster children in California, please visit their website: www.advokids.org

*Update Post OysterFest SF:

Advokids made such an impression with the event coordinators and bands at the Oysterfest SF that they were subsequently also named charity of choice for the upcoming Oysterfest San Diego on June 14th! Know anyone going? Please invite them to purchase through Advokid’s link to tickets!