Microsites Can Help You Be First-to-Market: Case in Point

Law Firm MicrositeI recently launched a microsite for Knox Ricksen LLP, a civil litigation firm specializing in health care fraud and mass torts, to help them reach out to a very geographically specific and niche audience.  The goal of the microsite was twofold:

  • Provide valuable information to people in the Los Angeles area who may have been involved in a massive health care fraud scheme that involved not only using counterfeit spinal implant parts but also the performance of unnecessary spinal surgeries
  • To earn high quality scores by Google and other search engines so that victims of the fraud seeking information about their legal rights would know that Knox Ricksen was available to help

What Exactly is a Microsite?

Microsites generally have one-to-five pages that contain hyper-focused content. An example for lawyers would be a small site that solely focuses on one particular type of lawsuit, such as bicycle accidents in San Francisco. The ultimate goal of a microsite is to offer very specific content that’s easier for a potential client or referral source to consume and navigate. Microsites have their own domain, custom URL, navigation, design and keyword-rich content. They also often provide links back to the firm’s core website, but only after offering very in-depth information around a specific topic.

Microsites can be used to promote events, highlight new legislation and/or provide information to very niche audiences. Because of the keyword-rich content, microsites generally pull higher search engine rankings and lead generation. In addition, businesses can choose to drive even more traffic to the microsite using narrowed key search terms in a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

You Already Have a Robust Core Site, Why Would You Want a Microsite?

Microsites, versus larger core websites, have the following advantages:

  • More narrow focus with targeted information most relevant to visitors and potential clients
  • User-friendly and simplified navigation versus the bulkier sites where visitors can get bogged down or lost when trying to find what they are looking for
  • Drive more high quality leads with higher participation and interaction due to being able to speak directly to a highly defined audience
  • Higher prospect-to-client conversion rates and SEO (search engine optimization) performance
  • Can be built quickly, inexpensively and responsive to any type of device – especially important if your company wants to be first-to-market and target new niche markets
  • Results are more easily measured as the site has it’s own separate analytics
  • Build awareness and community faster for cause-related issues

Microsites can have major impact for your business, by promoting topic-specific content, improving your SEO and generating new and qualified leads, among many other benefits. The Spinal Implant Lawsuit site was landing in the top positions on the first page of Google even before I submitted the sitemap and the firm received several high quality leads and email submissions within the first week of launching.

If you’re looking for ways to establish expertise and leadership and gain competitive advantage in newly developed or over-saturated areas, adding microsites to your marketing plan is a smart and cost effective strategy.